a conservatory is a room for all seasons

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The conservatories shown here are UPV-C in construction and are manufactured by Emplas Window Systems Ltd. To find out more about Emplas product quality and customer service click on their logo at the foot of this page.

The traditional image of the conservatory is one of luxury, even romance; potted palms, exotic plants - sipping tea on a summer's afternoon amidst Victorian splendour.  click to enlarge
A modern conservatory can be all this and a whole lot more.

The development of computer aided design, new insulation materials and double glazing mean that conservatories have never been more affordable or practical.
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Whatever your requirements for a conservatory we can supply and install a tailor made made unit that is truly part of your home. 

Even if other manufacturers or installers tell you what you want can't be done: talk to us, you may be pleasantly surprised.
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From the smallest to the largest we apply the same standards of design and manufacture. 

On this website we will introduce you to just some of the vast range of possibilities available for your conservatory. 
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Let your imagination roam....
 click to enlarge We will work with you to provide the conservatory that you want, whether you want a quiet place to view the garden or a cost effective and practical major extension to your home. 

All our customers are rightly concerned that ant conservatory should match their home. 

Whether brick or stone we will endeavour to match the finish.

We listen to our customers, offer our expert advice and produce a design incorporating any special features or materials they wish to include.

With a choice of mahogany or white windows and doors, you will have a very special addition to your home; not something just 'tacked on'.

The conservatories on this website all illustrate personal requirements and the flexibility of our design. To view more about our range of conservatories, including roof design and construction please click here

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