Designed with security in mind
Unfortunately  these days style and elegance mean nothing unless they are combined with security

Monaframe windows offer the perfect combination. 

Whether you are at home or not, you can rest assured that you have chosen a system that is an effective detterent to unwanted 'guests'

Monalock II


Not only will they deter the opportunist, but also offer a highly secure barrier against the most determined burglar

The double-glazed sealed units are fixed in place using high security glazing beads which makes them extremely difficult to de-glaze and virtually impossible to do so if optional security clips are fitted

The slimlie, maintenance-free frames are extremely rigid. Using a material which is considerably stronger than PVCu, they are resistant to distortion and bending and require no additional reinforcement

Add one of our state-of-the-art locking systems, featuring locking bolts which locate into opposite sides of the frame every time you operate the handle, and you have a new generation of windows that will keep burglars at bay and keep their good looks and smooth operation into the the next generation and beyond.

Saracen   system

With the Saracen Locking Mechanism a turn of the handle sends two high strength brass alloy bolts into the window frame

Both the centre lock and bolts lock into the die-cast keeps in the outer frame and the bolt keeps also have a second lockable night vent position.

This may be combined with optional high security friction hinges which offer smooth, effortless opening, but when closed have a pointed arm which locks into the frame

So each window fitted with the Saracen locking mechanism security  hinges secures at 5 separate points for maximum security
Monalock   I I

Monarch's own tried and tested Monalock I I multi-point locking system was specially designed for Monaframe windows

It features a lockable handle and strong stainless steel bolts which locate into the corners of the frame in opposite directions to prevent levering

Turn the handle and the bolts are automatically thrown, with an audible 'click' when they are fully secured. The window can be opened by simply pushing a button and turning the handle

But turn the key and both handle and bolts are deadlocked to offer an extremely high level of security,  which  can  be increased s till  further  by   combining Monalock I
I with high security hinges

The  entire  mechanism  is  concealed neatly within the frame and attractive handles are available in a choice of colours

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